Ensay Station Shearing Woolshed Ruins

Find the Ensay Station shearing woolshed ruins on the Little River road 4 kilometres north of the Little River Inn Hotel. In it's heydey Ensay Station was the largest and busiest woolshed in the East Gippsland district. The shearing shed now lies in ruins, a relic from times past and an amazing site.

The grazing land around Ensay was originally taken up in 1839 by the noted explorer and pioneer of the district Angus McMillan, who was employed by Lachlan Macalister.

The original Ensay Station covered an enormous 38,400 acres (15,500 hectares). It covered most of the Ensay district all the way down to Swifts Creek where it's boundary met the Tongio Station.

Gradually split up into smaller farms over the years, the area became a home for soldier settlers after World War I ended in 1918. Returned servicemen looking for employment were granted areas of farm land by the government. The farms around the Ensay district continue to raise cattle and sheep.

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